Back Payroll Taxes


If you are running a small business and things are not going as well as you have hoped it is easy to fall to the temptation of not paying your payroll taxes for your employees. The money may be used to pay the rent or to pay other necessary expenses to keep the doors opened at your business.

When this happens this will get you in trouble with the IRS and the IRS will take aggressive measures to collect these taxes from you.

There are possible solutions to these tax problems that include an Installment Payment with the IRS, Offer in Compromise, or a Business reorganization. Before the IRS will accept any of these solutions you need to began to be in compliance with your taxes and filings.

The IRS will also will also go after the individual owners and officers of the corporation or Limited Liability Company for the missing payroll taxes by which they can enforce collection on these individual’s income and assets.