Garnishment or Levy Release




If you learn that the IRS is garnishing you or that you are facing a levy you need to get the IRS to stop as quickly as possible. The IRS doesn’t care if your other financial needs will suffer they want their money and will take it even if there is not enough money left over for food or to make your car or house payment. Good thing for you there are methods that can be used to stop these garnishments or Levy.

When the IRS mails their last notice of intent to levy they tell you that you need to pay in full or come to some other form of arrangement to stop the levy from taking place. This is still possible to do even after the levy has taken effect. Here are some methods to pay in full or make some other form of arrangement.


  • Pay Taxes in Full – Once taxes have been paid in full the wage garnishment will immediately stop.
  • File an Offer in Compromise – This is an IRS program that allows taxpayers to settle for less than the total amount that they owe.
  • Get Declared Uncollectible –  This is when you prove to the IRS that you do not have any money to be collected from.
  • Bankruptcy – The Bankruptcy automatic stay will prevent IRS garnishment or levy while the case is pending.


Once you have one of these tax solutions in place the Garnishment or levy should stop.