Tax Problems

tax problemsThere are lots of tax problems that face us each year. It is also easy to find your self with tax problems. Tax problems can happen by no fault of your own.  The tax code is complex and confusing to most people in the united states.  If you find that you have a tax problem ignoring the problem or simply don’t have the money to resolve it, then you are putting yourself at risk.

The IRS uses a variety of ways to encourage you to pay or to take the money that they think you owe.

  • The IRS can take 80%  of your wages through garnishment
  • Additional penalties can add 25% of what you owe which can make it impossible to pay off.
  • The amount you owe will increase everyday you don’t pay
  • The IRS will file a tax lien against you by doing this it will prevent you from obtaining credit which will make buying a car or house impossible since you wont be able to get any credit.
  • Levying your bank accounts the IRS can take the money out of your bank accounts.
  • Fining you up to $10,000 (in addition to other penalties) for more serious actions.

If you have already started getting notice from the IRS ignoring your tax problems is not a good idea. There are solutions to the tax problems.